The coming transit of Venus on June 5-6 2012 is a rare astronomical phenomenon that will not be repeated until the year 2117. Below is a series of maps of the transit of Venus from 1631 to 2125.

These are some web sites with more information about transits of Venus:

Two comprehensive web sites on the transit of Venus are and

General information about the science and history of transits of Venus can be found at the wikipedia entry,

The authoritative source of predictions for eclipses and transits is Fred Espenak of the NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center. His predictions and maps for the transit of Venus can be found at The possibility of whether the transit of Venus was observed earlier than 1639 is discussed at

Global weather prospects for the transit are given by Jay Anderson, veteran meteorologist of astronomical phenomena, at

For historical maps of the transit of Venus, go to

Detail map of the June 5-6, 2012 transit of Venus. Click to view high-resolution map.

Transits of Venus, 1631 to 2125